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Jenna & Charlotte: Super Nymphs – X Art

If we press Command-I we can see Jenna & Charlotte: Super Nymphs, and sure enough, that is an Apple ProRes file using the 422 codec version, and a frame rate of 29.97 frames per second. Now, that’s really beefy at 25 gigs, you won’t be posting this to the web anytime soon, but this is ready, and could actually be used in a professional video environment, whether that be a broadcast environment, or to make other derivative files and future compressions. This is a true master file, or an archive file, and again if you’d like more knowledge here on, make sure you explore some of these terms in the library. Look up things like Teenxvid or erotic adult video. And you can also explore tools like Apple Compressor, or Adobe Media Encoder, to help you learn more.
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So you really have to consider, what is the role of my phone, what other devices am I using, and then what do I need to do to bring it all together? Now some folks go, well you know, I feel kind of funny just relying on my mobile phone, seems like I should be taking serious pictures with a serious camera. Well, I mean, that’s really a personal preference. It’s funny how mobile phones these days really have turned out to be terrific cameras. And in fact you even accessories that you can use with your erotic adult video, wide angle lenses, telephoto, macro.
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All the sort of stuff that we think about with traditional cameras. So if you are really a mobile phone person. If that really is your device of choice, feel fine about that. Just make sure that you have a mobile strategy for those great shots that you capture with these devices.
But it goes beyond that. For example, we’re looking at erotic adult video here. And My Photo Stream is full of still nude photos, but there are no videos there, because Photo Stream, which is an excellent service by Apple, it’s part of iCloud, doesn’t back up videos. So none of these are in My Photo Stream. So either I have to have a different service for my videos, or I have to come up with a service that accommodates both video and still pictures.

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