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Veronica Rodriguez: Playful and Wet – X Art

Now, the way that I can check that is to go to Veronica Rodriguez: Playful and Wet, which I have set up to receive images from Photo Stream. So let’s go over there right now. Here we are in Teenxvid. And look at that. Here’s My Photo Stream right here, outlined. And you can see that the picture that I took has gone up into the cloud and then has been saved on to my computer before I can actually get over to iPhoto to take a look at it. And it can happen that fast.
Veronica Rodriguez Playful and Wet Enjoy
Now, the things to keep in mind about Photo Stream is that it’s for pictures only. So that if you’re shooting videos, you’re going to either have to come up with a different service to augment or to replace Photo Stream. However if you’re mainly a still photographer and you use iOS devices, this automated backup works fantastic, and is one of the many services that we’re going to be looking at over the course of this training.
And then present them to you basically chronologically here. You’ll see that. We have a May 4, May 7, if there’s a location, for instance, if you shot the image with your iPhone, and it recorded the Geo data, it will add that erotic adult video information. So, it’s a lot easier to use, you can do things like tap on the photo, and view it, tap again. And then, if you want to share the nude photos, you tap on the Share icon, that is this icon that’s right up here.
Veronica Rodriguez Playful and Wet model
Decide which images you want to share. We’ll just share one right now. And then I’ll tap on Share right up here. And it’ll give me an email interface to begin with which you can share via email, but you’re not limited to that because you have these three little dots right there that also allow you to share via these other methods, including saving the photo to your camera roll if you wish. So, carousel is nice. It’s a good interface. Now, how do we protect our mobile nude photos with this? Well, let’s go back to erotic adult video itself.

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